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Components for Chapli kabab Recipe:

Salt (2 Tsp)

Onion Chopped (20 gm)

Green Chili Chopped (50 gm)

Whisked egg (one)

Red bean stew powder (2 tsp)

Dried coriander (2 tsp)

Mango pickle separated (2 tsp)

Achari Masala (2 tsp)

Carom seeds (1 tsp)

Coriander separated (2 tsp)

Gram flour (4 tsp)

Cheddar Cheese (two or three cuts)

Burger Bun

Burger Sauce

Ice rack

Tomato cuts

Onion Rings


Headings for How to Make chapli kabab burger Recipe a little bit at a time:

To make this exceptional chapli kabab equation you can take sheep mince or sheep mice or meat mince similarly in a wide compartment, incorporate salt, sliced onion, green bean stew and mix it well.

Add red bean stew powder, dried coriander, cut mango pickle, achari masala, carom seeds, hacked coriander, gram flour, and mix it well.

keep it marinated for 30 mins.

Make round patties of the mix, place one bit of the patty prepared and incorporate a layer of cheddar by then spot the second bit of the patty over it and press it well from corners.

Add some vegetable oil on the Tawa or dish, place the patties carefully on the compartment and fry until splendid hearty hued.

Take one burger bun, incorporate burger sauce, incorporate a piece of ice, tomato cuts, onion rings, cheddar stuffed chapli kabab burger patty, more onion rings, incorporate pickles, some more burger sauce finally place the top side of a burger bun.

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