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The Oat Raisin Cookie Bars are the perfect choice for indulging and indulging, prepping breakfast or an after dinner snack. All you need is two or three direct components for the strong hand made taste of a treat in bar structure!

Disclaimer: This post has been brought to you in association with Healthy Height. All considerations, evaluations, and parenthood bits of knowledge are my own.

Snacking doesn’t come straightforward for me-yet it’s a master game for my children. With the proportion of eating that my family does, I’m by and large on the pursuit for beyond anyone’s imagination intends to help make nutritious and essential goodies at home. To improve my snacking inclinations and outfit myself and the kids with a get n’ go snack, I made oat raisin treat bars.

No get ready bars like these grain raisin treat bars are a bit of my favored goodies/treats to make since they are truly thoughtful if you incorporate to some degree pretty much of a few fixings. These grain raisin treat bars are furthermore flexible reliant on what nuts you have accessible! Like Healthy Height. Truth is stranger than fiction, this shake mix was used a month prior in make ahead yogurt parfaits, and today I’m giving you how you can add to locally built bars too.

As I have referred to beforehand, I habitually use Healthy Height shake mix as healthy assurance concerning dealing with my youngsters. Sound Height has been clinically seemed to help kids create when eaten up as guided, it’s a phenomenal protein elective for those demanding [aka particular] eaters, and it’s been made by pediatricians considering esteem fixings. I don’t consider you, anyway I feel a little better when I understand what and the measure of something is going into my child’s eating schedule. Also, considering we are a group of snackers, I love that I can partake in the idea of snacks they are eating. Like these oats raisin treat bars.

These grain raisin treat bars have a bit of something for everyone: dried natural item, walnuts, oats, and a protein-help from chocolate Healthy Height. A lot of my snacks on the blog have nutty spread or nuts in them anyway this is a fair option for families that have nut sensitivities. The best prize is that they don’t should be refrigerated!

Oats Raisin Cookie Bars

Maker: Katie Serbinski

Serves: 6 bars


1 ½ cup dates, pitted

1 cup walnut pieces

½ cup raisins

½ cup oats


Add fixings to food processor. Heartbeat until fixings structure hitter like consistency.

Spread mix on getting ready sheet or a skillet with edges. Refrigerate.

Cut into 6 bars before serving.

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